1. sarahdahlinger:

An early mock-up of my tunnel for a new piece
3 3 days ago
  2. sarahdahlinger:

Spent the day laying down some wild colors on these lithos for the print sale this weekend! #probablythebestbarintown
3 1 week ago
  3. sarahdahlinger:

Sold Hooligan No. 81473 to casa de Anne Bjornson!
2 2 weeks ago
  4. sarahdahlinger:

Decided to squeeze in another drawing on the blank edge of my stone, 2for1 printing yea! 💃
2 2 weeks ago
  5. sarahdahlinger:

First layer of an edition for the SGCI exchange portfolio #SGCIsanfrancisco #lithograph #sgci #dirtyelbows
2 2 weeks ago
  6. sarahdahlinger:

Another piece of home found its way to ohio! Saw this gem in Karla’s print exchange collection. Big Nose George: Wild West outlaw extraordinaire- in true Wyoming fashion, upon his death, his skull was used as an ashtray, his skin was made into shoes (on display in Rawlins), and his remains soaked in a barrel of whiskey while the doc searched for answers to his criminal tendencies. One can only hope to get as good of a send off!
1 2 weeks ago
  7. sarahdahlinger:

Experimenting with manipulating depth of field manually through the lithography etching process. Image in left: first etch attempting to focus on a reflection with an out of focus figure behind the window glass. Image on right: final etch focusing on the forms beyond the window as the reflection moves out of focus. #pastfailuresleadtonewdiscoveries
1 2 weeks ago
  8. sarahdahlinger:

Proof is in the printing!
2 2 weeks ago
  9. sarahdahlinger:

Transfer sketch for newest litho
1 2 weeks ago
  10. sarahdahlinger:

Detail of Last Call, Slip-Cast Porcelain Peanuts and Puddles, 2013.
2 2 months ago
  11. 1 2 months ago
  12. sarahdahlinger:

Tester tusche wash stone = last-minute valentine lithos #nicetusche
5 2 months ago
  13. sarahdahlinger:

Photo of an installation from December- more photos and details coming soon.
7 3 months ago
  14. 7 4 months ago
  15. Printed this litho plate for an exchange with my MonoLith students—-reinforced my love for stone lithography for sure but it was nice to try it on for size. 2 4 months ago